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What does ‘glamour meets photojournalism’ mean?

Our slogan says ‘glamour meets photojournalism’ – but what does it actually mean?

What is wedding photojournalism? 

Wedding photojournalism is a way of photography that captures the events of the wedding day naturally and represents candid, unposed photos. These images capture strong emotions and fleeting moments. Photojournalism tells a story and is the most powerful way of recording a wedding day. The result is the best natural images that will evoke memories of your wedding, your friends and your family long into the next generation.

Is it a style? No, it is more than that.  This is an approach…
lefkada wedding photography lefkas

bride waiting for her wedding dress – with mom and sister

Lefkada wedding, Greek dance

Australian Greek dad and son dancing zeibekiko in homeland, Greece

As photojournalists what is our approach?

First of all we try and learn a bit about you. It’s our belief that a wedding story must be told in a personal and customized way.

As photographic storytellers, we love being an observer of real life, we capture events spontaneously to emphasize moments and emotions, in order to present the story of your day through the photographs.

As professionals we don’t want to direct your wedding day like a circus ringmaster. It’s important to us not to overshadow and interrupt the precious moments you are sharing with your family and friends. We want those to unfold in a natural way. We know that the most important moments happen ‘hidden’ and we are trained and quick enough to capture them.

Lefkada Lefkas wedding photography

here comes the bride

lefkada wedding, lefkas photography

little flowergirl adoring the bride at first dance

It’s the little touches, glances and smiles which make a story alive and moments, humor and different characters make every wedding special. Moments captured candidly take you right back to the day of your wedding and evoke its genuine atmosphere. The beauty of candid wedding photography lies in the natural reactions of the people.
While wedding trends come and go, these honest photos reflecting real emotions will never go out of style, these are timeless.
Lefkada orthodox wedding

first look at church – epic reaction of groom and family

Lefkada wedding photography

groom and groomsmen waiting for the bride at orthodox church

We also know that a wedding is a glamorous event and you want to look your best in the photos. We pay attention to details and atmospheric shots which complete the story of the day. We also take family and couple portraits as a part of the storybook.
wedding Lefkada photography

interactions, emotions, gestures make photographs alive

Lefkada wedding photos, Lefkas wedding photography

those wedding nights…

Photojournalism, traditional or a blended approach?

Which one is the right for you?
That definitely depends on you and your partner’s personality and how much you want your wedding day to be guided by your photographer.

Here are some comparison highlights

documentary approach
captures magical moments in real-time
people are un-posed
tells the story without intervention
grabs hidden shots, in between moments
prefers natural light
larger number of photos
directs their shots and guides people
creates moments with intervention
set backgrounds, pose people
prefer to follow a scheduled shot list
smaller number of photos taken
We typically blend wedding photojournalism and lifestyle portraiture. Our specialty is doing both, seamlessly in order to tell love stories authentically with glamourous touch and love… and this way ‘glamour meets photojournalism’.
Lefkada wedding, Meganisi baptism

tiny lady dancing on the table – photographer with huge smile behind the camera 🙂

















Lefkada wedding photography

Λευκάδα γάμος
Λευκάδα οργάνωση γάμου

Hochzeit auf Lefkada
Hochzeitsplanung in Lefkada
Hochzeitsfotografie Lefkada
Hochzeit in Lefkas
Hochzeitsort in Lefkada

Rustic-glamour elopement in Lefkada

Have you ever heard the expression ‘eloping’?

The actual meaning of the word elope is when two lovers run away together with the intention of getting married. These days, when people refer to eloping, they usually mean a destination wedding where the only people present are the bride and groom (sometimes a couple of witnesses or some friends).

Eszter and Nikos, a Hungarian-Greek couple escaped to the hidden villa Neion in Alexandros, Lefkada to say their “I do’s”, where they brought their vision for an elegant rustic-glamour wedding to life.
I love the reason behind why they decided to elope: they spend long monthes far from each other as Nikos works abroad… but Eszter had the dream to have a personal and intimate elopme wedding before their big fat Greek wedding. There is something so idyllic and romantic about the thought of exchanging your vows surrounded by nature.
Imagine an intimate ceremony when they say their vows to each other and a reception with delicious home-made food… all of these with the stunning backdrop of Neion… simple, stylish and filled with love – it’s everything an elopement should be…
xx, Eszter
concept: Eszter Körmendi, Eszter Molnár
decoration: Alexandra Kourti, Apotypoma Lefkada, Eszter Körmendi
photos: Eszter Molnár, Péter Gyurcsák,
venue: Neion, Lefkada
cake: Aggeliki Kalamboka, Cookika
make-up: Evi Billis
hair: Maria Masoura
wedding dress: Pere Ági
γάμος στην παραλία
σχεδιασμός γάμου
Γάμος & Βαπτιση
ολισμος γαμου