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April 2017

Spirit of spring in herb fields // styled shoot

“Better is a dinner of herbs where love is…”  Proverbs 15:17

At this time of year the hillsides flourish with green plants and herbs such as wild sage and thyme, their fragrant smells scenting the air as you walk by. Inspired by these colours and scents we decided to create a shoot that brings to life the spirit of spring in Greece, showcasing the romance of the rural side of the island of Lefkada we both love.

For our ideas, we couldn’t have chosen better than the herb fields of Agrothen in the hidden valley of Alexandros village. The setting of dinner for the two lovers was the rustic garden filled with rosemary and wild celery of the Theologos house close to the herb fields. Each element was selected to focus the details of the herbs as decoration as well as their more common use in our daily lives as culinary ingredients.

The Dent’elle dress emphasised the organic and soft sensation of our theme. This classic draped dress in natural pale blue fabric with a vintage lace underskirt allowed us to show you along with the other details, how colours and their complimentary shades can work for the modern romantic bride.

During the whole planning process and the photo shoot we felt really relaxed knowing that all participating vendors and creatives felt this mood, gave their soul in their work and resulting in all the elements coming together like the pieces of a puzzle. Thank you to all our participants for your ‘meraki’!

So this is our herb themed wedding tale…
                                                                          …once upon a time…

xx, Eszter & Claire