Wedding photography in Lefkada / Lefkas
wedding, baptism, lifestyle photography - Lefkada, Greece


Porto Katsiki with pretty pastels
Have you ever wondered why you love the beach so much? From the sound of the waves, to the salty wind and the hot sun you can also forget the ...
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Randezvous of spring and winter
A late winter day's evening... everything asleep... last days of mediterranean winter before spring gives us vivid colors and energy, the smell of fresh grass and the bird singing... The ...
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Wedding in Lefkada with happiness bubbles
I wish I had time to write the story of each couple ... of course it is on my eternal to-do list ... at least I will not be bored in ...
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Spirit of spring in herb fields // styled shoot
“Better is a dinner of herbs where love is…”  Proverbs 15:17 At this time of year the hillsides flourish with green plants and herbs such as wild sage and thyme, ...
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Rustic-glamour elopement in Lefkada
Have you ever heard the expression 'eloping'? The actual meaning of the word elope is when two lovers run away together with the intention of getting married. These days, when people ...
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Ethereal palette of spring // styled shoot
Romance in the purest form infused with the charm of simplicityt and the ethereal palette of spring - our goal was to create a simple yet elegant feel to inspire any couple. Pavezzo Retreat completed our vision with ...
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